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Healthy Vegan Couscous Recipes

Healthy Vegan Couscous Recipes

Couscous can be used to create various tasty vegan recipes as well. From vegan couscous salads to vegan couscous desserts. Have a look at my most favorite healthy vegan couscous recipes, they’re all easy, quick, very tasty and they only include easily accessible ingredients.

Couscous is versatile, filling, healthy and quick - what’s not to love about it? In my recipes, I personally use mostly the whole-wheat couscous which is richer in fiber, proteins and micronutrients in comparison to its white variety. Couscous can be perfectly combined with legumes, tofu, vegetable and various interesting spices and herbs. These vegan recipes with couscous are suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner, barbecue or picnic.

Try out my fit vegan couscous recipes, I believe you will be pleased by their great taste.

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