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Easy & Healthy Couscous Recipes

Easy & Healthy Couscous Recipes

These healthy couscous recipes are very quick, easy and more importantly, very tasty as well. Wholemeal couscous of hard wheat contains fiber, proteins and other necessary nutrients and minerals. It's very easy to prepare because it's a pasta that doesn't even require cooking. You can simply pour boiling water over it and let it soak for couple of minutes. What you will do with couscous afterwards, only depends on your creativity. You can get inspired by my healthy recipes with couscous.

Couscous is very popular by vegetarians but it also goes well with meat as a side dish. Try the fit recipe with salmon, couscous and goat cheese that can be prepared for lunch or dinner. You can combine couscous with vegetable or tofu, and you can easily create healthy vegan couscous recipes. Couscous can also be prepared in sweet recipes using strawberries, cranberries and honey, which will give you a delicious couscous salad. Explore new possibilities of healthy cooking using couscous. I hope that my quick recipes will please your taste buds and you will feel healthy and fit afterwards.

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