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Low Fat Couscous Recipes

Low Fat Couscous Recipes

Couscous is a crushed durum wheat semolina which has a versatile use in our kitchens. It is made out of one of wheat kinds called semolina. Couscous is popular mainly in the North Africa from where many interesting recipes for its preparation and usage come as well. Couscous is very easy to prepare, you can use it many ways and it helps us to create many tasty and nutritionally valuable recipes that have a low fat content as well.

The main goal of my recipes is the preparation of easy and healthy meals that can be handled by any beginners as well as experienced cooks. And these low fat couscous recipes are no exception. I focused on low fat recipes with couscous that can bring a new touch into your kitchen. Even though fats in reasonable amount are healthy and help our cells to regenerate, we consume them way too much nowadays. No wonder that the percentage of cardiovascular diseases is still growing. If you’re looking for a healthy change in your menu, try out my low fat couscous recipes.

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