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Low Carb Holiday and Christmas Recipes

Low Carb Holiday and Christmas Recipes

Healthy living doesn't mean you cannot treat yourself with tasty Christmas meals and goodies. You can fully enjoy Christmas and holidays even if you are on a low carb diet. Thanks to the healthy inspiration for low carb Christmas recipes it is indeed no problem.

Main Christmas dishes usually consist of meat and fish what meets the requirements of a low carb diet. So we will focus on side dishes and desserts where the carb values can be easily exceeded. In recipes, we simply replace flour by alternative flours, ground nuts, protein powder or we leave it out; refined sugar is replaced by stevia or xylitol and we'll use the popular and healthy coconut in some of them too. These low carbohydrate Christmas meals will fill you up for a longer time very quickly especially thanks to their higher protein and fat content.

You don't have to be on a low carb diet to enjoy these low carb Christmas meals and desserts. Try these holiday and Christmas recipes that are easy to prepare and contain only healthy ingredients.

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