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High Protein Smoothie and Drink Recipes

High Protein Smoothie and Drink Recipes

Did you know that smoothies can be also made in a fitness version with higher protein content? Yes, it's true! And you can prepare these fitness high protein smoothies not only using protein powder but also other valuable ingredients with higher protein content. Come and have a look!

You don't have to be a bodybuilder or a fitness girl to make yourself a healthy fitness smoothie. Everyone of us needs proteins - for healthy hair, skin, bones and many of us take in less proteins daily than we should. Moreover, the studies have shown that if you have breakfast rich in proteins, you'll avoid overeating throughout the day. I can confirm it, what about you? Smoothie rich in proteins is also great after a strength workout because it helps to build and regenerate muscle tissues.

The best way how you can enjoy these fitness smoothie recipes and drinks is for breakfast or after a workout. They refill your body not only with proteins but will also provide you with a substantial amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals which is a great combination for sure. You will find here recipes for smoothies with and without using protein powder where the protein source is also represented by Greek yogurt, hemp seeds or peanut butter.

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