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Healthy Egg Salad Recipes

Healthy Egg Salad Recipes

Eggs are a great ingredient that is popular among active people especially because of its high protein content and low carb content. It's just perfect for use in healthy egg salad recipes. Don't get discouraged by the reputation about the unhealthy cholesterol which eggs supposedly contain. Eggs do contain cholesterol but it's beneficial to our health. This ingredient full of nutrients can be found at our tables usually in the mornings but it also goes really well with healthy salads and you don't have to worry about eating them even if you're trying to lose weight. On the contrary, you should actually include them into your diet as soon as possible.

I was choosing and preparing healthy salad recipes with eggs that are ideal for lunch, dinner as well as breakfast. Try the zucchini salad with scrambled eggs, Feta cheese and olives or my favorite egg-avocado salad. Yum! Eggs can be also found in the popular potato salad without which we just cannot imagine our holidays, right? If you don't want to feel guilty about eating it, make yourself the low calorie potato salad that tastes great and is much healthier at the same time. I hope you will like my fitness egg salad recipes and you'll also find your favorites among them.

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