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Healthy Vegan Quinoa Recipes

Healthy Vegan Quinoa Recipes

Enrich your daily menu with these healthy vegan quinoa recipes. If you are looking for healthy plant-based quinoa recipes without using milk, eggs and meat, you are at the right spot.

Quinoa is not only a very tasty pseudocereal but also incredibly healthy and rich in proteins. It’s very easy to cook it, so it’s ideal to prepare quick and healthy meals during work week. It’s a great source of minerals such as iron and magnesium and you will also appreciate its high content of antioxidants and fiber. You can easily combine quinoa with various ingredients in both, sweet and savory recipes. There are 3 main types of quinoa - white, red and black, while each one has slightly different taste - I recommend to try the white quinoa first.

You can enjoy it as a simple side dish but in these vegan recipes it will mainly play the key role - whether it’s a breakfast, salad, dessert or main meal.

I hope you will get to love these tasty vegan recipes with quinoa as much as I do.

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