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Healthy Quinoa Recipes

Healthy Quinoa Recipes

Quinoa has not been very common in our cuisines yet but it's a superfood that should be a part of everyone's healthy diet. Exotic quinoa is a great treat for vegetarians as well as vegans and is also suitable for weight loss. Go ahead and try my sweet or savory healthy quinoa recipes.

I very much enjoyed these fit recipes with quinoa and I strongly believe that they will impress you as well. Besides, it contains no gluten which is great news for people with celiac disease who can expand their menus thanks to quinoa. There are many kinds of quinoa, including white, black or red colored. Quinoa can be used not only as a side dish but also on its own as a base for a healthy lunch. You can try baked quinoa with meat and broccoli or you can eat it with turkey and peas for lunch or dinner. If you are a fan of light but filling salads, you will be impressed by these quick recipes too. Healthy breakfast, as a base for a successful day may be represented by a tasty quinoa with pineapple and coconut.

Try my healthy recipes with quinoa and discover the charm of this plant rich in nutrients.

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