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Low Calorie Sweet Potato Recipes for Weight Loss

Low Calorie Sweet Potato Recipes for Weight Loss

I absolutely love sweet potatoes (or batatas)! As a side dish, main meal or part of healthy desserts and soups. Sweet potatoes themselves are low in calories (they contain only 86 kcal per 100 g) but if you combine them with other great ingredients, we can create tasty low calorie and diet meals that your family will love.

I am sure you know that sometimes you just have to reduce an amount of consumed fats and calories, either because of your diet or to make your menu lighter. And that's why I am bringing you these tasty inspirations for easy low calorie sweet potato recipes. They're ideal for weight loss and many of them do not contain any flour or sugar. You can choose from low calorie sweet potato recipes for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, soups, desserts or salads. Sweet potatoes enrich your meals with an incredible sweetish taste and last but not least with plenty of fiber, potassium and A vitamin.

All these sweet potato recipes are healthy, extremely easy and tasty. Let yourself be carried away by these creative meals!

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