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Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes

Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes

Healthy sweet potato recipes do definitely belong to the diet plan of all of us, who want to cook healthy, quick and tasty meals. Sweet potatoes are also suitable for those who try to lose weight, which makes them a favorite addition to the main courses. You can cook them, bake them, use them in desserts, or simply use them to prepare mashed potatoes.

You can recognize sweet potatoes - batatas - from those classic ones at the first glance, because of their orange color. But what are they hiding inside is what really matters. They contain more fiber and proteins, compared to regular potatoes, and they literally are a vitamin bomb.

Try my fit recipes with sweet potatoes, which play a major role in many of these recipes. If you are into experiments, you will definitely be addressed by ice cream made of sweet potato or chickpeas curry with sweet potatoes. You can as well prepare tasty sweet potato fries, and this healthy crop is definitely also great to use in soups. Get inspired by my healthy recipes with sweet potatoes, that will help you discover the glamour of this great ingredient. Among others, you will find here quick and easy recipes for healthy lunches and dinners.

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