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Healthy Avocado Salad Recipes

Healthy Avocado Salad Recipes

Healthy avocado salad recipes seriously have to have their part in fitness recipes, simply because they belong to a healthy diet. Avocado is an amazing fruit that is an ideal ingredient in salads. Although avocado has rather high fat content, it's mostly healthy fats - fatty acids beneficial for our health. Thus, worries aside and enjoy avocado in these healthy recipes. Apart of mentioned healthy fats, it will also boost your salads with fiber, potassium, vitamins C, B5, B6, E and folate. Healthy avocado salads are popular especially during summer heats as they represent light and refreshing dinner or lunch.

Choose from my fit recipes for healthy avocado salad and enjoy a great dinner, lunch as well as breakfast. Try out the filling avocado-egg salad suitable also as a snack before lunch or dinner which tastes great with homemade bread. Avocado is also a part of more exotic vegetable-fruit salad with orange dressing and asparagus salad with cottage cheese. I hope you'll try the majority of my avocado salads and you'll love them as much as I do. Recipes for these avocado salads are very easy and so every beginner in a kitchen can handle them as well.

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