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Dairy-Free Smoothies and Drinks

Dairy-Free Smoothies and Drinks

In some of the smoothie and drink recipes, you can also find milk and yogurt. These ingredients can cause some of us problems such as being bloated or having allergic reaction. They're also not suitable to be combined with certain ingredients and in smoothies, dairy products could cause that nutrients from these healthy drinks won't be fully absorbable. That's why you shouldn't use milk and dairy products everywhere. And these dairy-free smoothie and drink recipes are a great example and inspiration.

Try out these tasty and easy dairy-free smoothies. In recipes, cow milk is replaced by water, or sometimes by plant-based milks mainly by oat, almond or coconut milk. Besides smoothies, you'll find here also various dairy-free lemonades and drinks such as healthy pina colada with coconut milk and pineapple, that you can indulge in during summer heats. Yummy.

Choose your favorites among my healthy recipes - whether you have an allergy or not, I am sure you'll love them.

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