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Healthy Salmon Recipes for Dinner and Lunch

Healthy Salmon Recipes for Dinner and Lunch

Healthy salmon recipes for lunch and dinner should be interesting also for people who are not big fans of fish. The end result and taste namely depends on how you cook a salmon and what you combine it with. But the most important part is a high quality ingredient - fresh, cooled salmon. When it comes to the taste or content, the frozen salmon can't be even compared to a fresh fish - I am sure you'll agree with me. Salmon is very popular in healthy kitchen; mostly because of its high content of protein and omega 3 fatty acids which makes it a great meal for muscle mass building or weight loss.

Forget about the boring, tasteless salmon that smells really fishy. Quick and easy recipes that I prepared will introduce you salmon in a completely new way. In these nutritionally valuable recipes you will also find lots of vegetables. For lunch or dinner, you can serve baked fish balls, grilled salmon with couscous salad and goat cheese or other fit recipe from this category that will catch your eye. Healthy salmon lunch or dinner meals will definitely please even the biggest food lovers.

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