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High Protein Salmon Recipes

High Protein Salmon Recipes

Who wouldn’t love good fitness salmon recipes? Salmon is great, healthy fish, rich in omega 3 fatty acids as well as proteins. If you combine salmon with the right ingredients, you can easily make a healthy and nutritionally valuable fitness meal high in proteins.

We can use salmon to prepare tasty main meals, salads and snacks. 1 portion of salmon (85 g) can easily help to fill approximately half of your daily recommended protein intake which is 56 g for men and 46 g for women. This way salmon can easily replace beef or chicken and be the main protein source in your dietary plan. It’s easily digestible and is a great source of vitamins and minerals too. I mostly like using fresh salmon but you can use frozen salmon as well but be careful about its quality and place of origin.

All of these high protein salmon recipes are easy to prepare, they contain a high amount of proteins that are essential for building muscle mass, and are very tasty. Which recipe will you try as the first one?

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