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High Protein Avocado Recipes

High Protein Avocado Recipes

Avocado is an ingredient that is often used in many healthy recipes. And no wonder why! The neutral avocado taste ensures its practical use in sweet as well as savory recipes, salads and main meals. Try to prepare these easy high protein avocado recipes.

These fitness avocado recipes will provide your body with plenty of proteins, so they help you to build muscle mass but also with weight loss. In these high protein recipes, I like to combine avocado with ingredients such as cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, eggs, tuna, chicken, oats, quinoa and I also use various legumes, nuts, protein powder or salmon. You will find here inspirations for healthy fitness avocado breakfast, lunch, spreads, salads and desserts; and a few vegan recipes too. I am sure everyone will find here their favourite.

I usually enjoy these fit avocado recipes for breakfast when they give me plenty of valuable energy and a healthy start into a new day. Moreover, I don't feel like overeating throughout the day which many of you will hopefully appreciate.

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