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Low Calorie Rice Recipes for Weight Loss

Low Calorie Rice Recipes for Weight Loss

Rice can be served in countless ways and you can easily use it in savory as well as sweet meals, from main meals to desserts. Rice can be also used to create various low calorie rice recipes that are suitable for weight loss.

Rice is a low calorie and cheap ingredient that can be easily used in diet recipes either as a tasty side dish or main ingredient. Recipes are characterised by lower calorie and fat content. Except of rice, I like to use vegetable such as zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, cauliflower, eggs or tofu and chicken to add more proteins in the meal. If you use brown or wild rice in your recipes, you will enrich the meals with even more fiber and minerals.

I assure you that despite the fact that these recipes have low calorie content, they taste amazing. You can use rice to create low calorie risotto, milk rice, rice pudding or savory rice muffins. There are plenty of ways, you just have to choose. I am sure that these low calorie recipes with rice for weight loss will be loved by everyone who's tried them.

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