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Healthy Rice Recipes

Healthy Rice Recipes

Rice is one of the most popular side dishes but it can be a main star of your lunch or dinner as well. Get inspired by healthy rice recipes and try this versatile ingredient in a sweet or savory way. Taste my fit recipes and discover new horizons of healthy eating.

Carbohydrates contained in rice will give you energy but it has a low glycemic index at the same time, so it won't harm your blood sugar levels. This grain doesn't contain any gluten, thus it can be also consumed by people with celiac disease. Another amazing fact about rice is that it contains almost no fat! If you are a bit creative, you can use rice in sweet or savory recipes - this way you will enjoy them and keep your healthy lifestyle at the same time.

You can taste the exotic flavour in vanilla milk rice with mango and vegetarians will appreciate risotto with goat cheese and beetroot. Rice can be also used to prepare a healthy dinner, lunch or sweet breakfast that you can enjoy without feeling guilty. These healthy rice meals are easy, nutritionally balanced and rich in flavor. I hope you will find your rice favourite among my quick recipes.

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