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High Protein Rice Recipes

High Protein Rice Recipes

Do you need new ideas for healthy high protein rice recipes? In this case you don't have to look any further. Have a look at my easy rice recipes that are not only tasty but also nutritionally valuable and rich in proteins. Every single one of my meals contains at least 20 g of proteins per portion.

In these fitness rice recipes, the rich protein source is usually represented by meat (chicken or beef), tuna, legumes, tofu, eggs, protein powder or cheese. You will also find here recipes with and without meat that are suitable for active people as well as for all lovers of healthy and fit food.

In the majority of recipes, I used only a few ingredients and they're so easy to prepare that you will often only need one pot. I have for you plenty of healthy inspirations for fitness high protein rice lunches, dinners or desserts. Have a look at them and try them out today.

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