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Healthy Dinner and Lunch Rice Recipes

Healthy Dinner and Lunch Rice Recipes

There is a valid reason why I prepared these healthy lunch and dinner rice recipes. Rice is usually used as a side dish but it can also be a base of a healthy dinner or lunch. Thanks to the fact that rice contains complex carbohydrates, it will give you energy for a longer time - with minimal amount of fat. Besides, it contains B vitamins, magnesium, manganese and selenium. Even though rice counts as grain, it doesn't contain any gluten - this way it's an ideal ingredient for gluten free recipes as well. If you feel like eating rice in any form, remember my fit rice recipes and definitely try at least one of them.

Easy rice lunch recipes that are ready just in a few minutes are delicious tofu risotto, mushroom-garlic rice with peas, broccoli rice or risotto with beetroot and goat cheese that I literally love. As you can see, there are various ways how to use rice in recipes and it's an ideal ingredient for vegan, vegetarian but also meat meals. Moreover, there are many types of rice available such as arborio that is perfect for Italian risotto, basmati or jasmine rice for exotic recipes from India and China. I mostly use brown or wild rice - both kinds are richer in fiber and micronutrients. I hope you will fall in love with rice thanks also to my fit recipes.

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