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Healthy Tofu Recipes

Healthy Tofu Recipes

Healthy tofu recipes will be a treat not only for vegetarians and vegans but also for everyone who sometimes feels like having a meatless meal. Tofu is made out of soya, so if you don't consume food of animal origin, it will become a valuable ingredient rich in nutrients for you. Everyone can discover its charm thanks to these delicious fit recipes.

If you prefer not to have meat, you can meet your protein needs with tofu as a replacement. Even though many people say it's tasteless, it has the ability to absorb the flavors of other ingredients which makes it a great ingredient in various savory or even sweet meals. As a meat replacement, it is mostly used because of its high protein content but it also contains enough unsaturated fatty acids, lots of calcium and iron.

Tofu goes really well with meat and fish on a plate. That's why I also prepared quick recipes for cheesy tofu with couscous and tuna, chicken tofu with peas and rice and many others. You will of course find here vegetarian recipes such as tofu with mushrooms and pasta, too. You can treat yourself with banana custard or chocolate tofu mousse. Try out my easy and healthy tofu recipes after which you'll feel fit.

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