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Low Fat Salad Recipes

Low Fat Salad Recipes

Low fat salad recipes are great for weight loss but you will also enjoy them if you feel like eating something quick and light. Even though fat is necessary for our body to function, you have to choose a beneficial fat in an adequate amount. Low fat salads will help you if you are trying to lose weight or simply live healthy and get fit. Recipes for these vegetable and fruit salads are great for lunch as well as dinner. I prepared tasty salads that are quick and easy, so their preparation will not take a lot of work or time either. I assure you that healthy meal can be tasty and filling at the same time - exactly like these fit salads.

Try a refreshing pineapple-cucumber salad that is great as a side dish or as a snack in the afternoon. If you want a main meal that fills you up more, try my untraditional sweet potato salad with beans, Asian chicken salad or tuna-celery salad. Vegetarians but also meat lovers will find their favorites among the low fat salad recipes. These easy recipes for salads will help you feel fit and one step closer to your dream body.

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