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Healthy Chocolate Spread - Fitness Nutella

Healthy Chocolate Spread - Fitness Nutella

Excellent in taste, this healthy chocolate spread is a great substitute for Nutella or similar chocolate spreads. It contains high-quality ingredients full of vitamins and minerals and healthy fats, so you don't have to feel guilty about eating it. You can enjoy this fitness Nutella, for example with whole-wheat pastry, pancakes, waffles, as a yogurt or porridge addition, or just enjoy it as is.

In short, this healthy chocolate spread is a mandatory titbit for every woman. Honestly, which one of you will scorn a spoonful of Nutella during a stressful, tiring or just any day? Now you can enjoy it with a good feeling that it is full of healthy fats and vitamins and you really won't be missing out on anything else to be happy. No palm oil or refined sugar, only honey, hazelnuts, cocoa and avocado. Exactly, avocado can be used in a million ways, that's why we all love it.

Try to prepare this chocolate spread for your children but don't tell them it is healthy and you'll see how they love it! :) This recipe is especially suitable for the fans of sweet breakfast. Prepare a tasty morning snack to school or healthy pancakes for breakfast - this fitness chocolate spread goes with them perfectly, especially with sliced ​​banana or strawberries. Fitness Nutella is simply a recipe you need to try. I recommend using a food processor (I recommend this one) rather than a standing blender for its preparation.

1 serving equals to one large heaping tablespoon of the chocolate spread.



  1. Firstly, blend hazelnuts into a fine flour using a food processor.
  2. Then, add in peeled banana, peeled and pitted avocado, honey, cocoa, coconut oil, pinch of cinnamon and, if desired, milk powder too.
  3. Blend the mixture thoroughly into a smooth spread.
  4. The resulting chocolate spread can be served with whole-wheat pastry, pancakes, waffles, together with yogurt or even as is.
  5. Store the spread in refrigerator and use it within 3 days.
Preparation time10 minutes
Yields10 servings
Nutritional information / 1 serving
Calories115 Kcal
Carbohydrates12 g
Fiber3 g
Proteins2 g
Fat8 g
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