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Quick brownie oatmeal

Quick brownie oatmeal

This quick brownie-flavored oatmeal will win the heart of every chocolate lover. It is easy to prepare, ready in 5 minutes, and tastes irresistible! Treat yourself to a dessert for breakfast in a healthy and filling form of porridge, you will definitely make it regularly from now on.

Sometimes ideas for a healthy breakfast and porridge run out. And to not get tired of healthy food, we always have to try new, tasty recipes. This brownie oatmeal is rightfully one of my favorites. Rich chocolate taste will encourage you into a new day. Prepare it in the evening and let it rest in the fridge overnight - it will be even thicker, more delicious, and you will enjoy the morning like never before.

We will use plain Greek yogurt as a source of protein and I also recommend adding chocolate protein (I recommend this one) . However, if you do not have it, you can replace it with oats. Do you want to prepare this oatmeal without sugar/honey? For sweetening, you can also use, for example, flavdrops, ideally chocolate flavor .

Oatmeal is usually already a quick recipe, however, this brownie oatmeal does not even need to be cooked, so you can have it on the table even faster. Just mix everything together and serve it. For best results, however, I recommend leaving it in the fridge overnight. In that case, just take it out of the fridge in the morning and you can dig into this sweet treat immediately.

This creamy and quick brownie oatmeal is definitely worth a try!



  1. First, combine the dry ingredients together and then combine them with everything else.
  2. Divide the oatmeal into 2 bowls and serve immediately or leave it to set in the refrigerator overnight. Try both versions and see which is your favorite.
Preparation time5 minutes
Yields2 servings
Nutritional information / 1 serving
Calories320 Kcal
Carbohydrates44 g
Fiber6 g
Proteins21 g
Fat6 g
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