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Simple cinnamon-oat cookies without flour

Simple cinnamon-oat cookies without flour

Simple cinnamon cookies made of oats, which preparation calls for only 4 ingredients. They are low in calories, have no added sugar (sweetened with dates), and also do not contain any flour. They are amazing with tea, coffee, or just as a snack. You will fall in love with these flour-free cinnamon cookies.

You will have cookies prepared in no time and the result will pleasantly surprise you. Sometimes I am just left wondering about all the great desserts that can be prepared from just a few ingredients that I already have at home. In addition, these healthy cookies are a very handy dessert or snack, because you can easily take them with you to work or on the road. They are also suitable for afternoon coffee or tea and will also serve as a handy and healthy snack to school. These oatmeal cookies with cinnamon are low-calorie, low-fat, and rich in fiber, so you can savor them without any remorse. They are also suitable for vegans and food allergy sufferers, as they do not contain milk, eggs or nuts.

Before mixing, you can let the dates soak in warm water for at least 30 minutes to soften, so that any blender can handle them. Do not bake cookies for too long to keep them from getting dry.

Don't hesitate and try this simple recipe for healthy cinnamon-oat cookies without flour, they will be ready in just a few minutes.



  1. In a blender, mix all the ingredients together until you have a homogeneous and slightly sticky dough.
  2. If the mixture is too dry, add another spoon of apple puree.
  3. Make 12 smaller balls from the dough, press them into the shape of cookies, and place them on a baking sheet lined with baking paper.
  4. Bake cookies for 10-13 minutes at 180 °C.
Preparation time18 minutes
Yields12 cookies
Nutritional information / 1 cookie
Calories50 Kcal
Carbohydrates9 g
Fiber2 g
Proteins1 g
Fat1 g
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